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Our expertise helps to ensure the financial security of your family

Managing your wealth and helping to ensure the financial security of your family eases the stresses of day-to-day living and allows a level of comfort which may otherwise be difficult to achieve.

We Work With You

We have a great deal of expertise in dealing with the following clients:

Business owners and Directors

Those planning for retirement

Retired individuals

Having provided advice to a wide range of individuals and their families for decades, individual circumstances need consideration, however, there are five key issues that occur time and time again:

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How much is enough?

Whether it is capital or income, it is important to address how much is enough to live the life you want.

Careful questioning can establish what is important and how much is enough. Once established, a good financial plan will ensure that you are on track.

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I don’t want to lose my capital

Wealth preservation can mean several different things, but often a significant capital sum will be the result of a significant amount of hard work. This means protection of capital is likely to be a high priority.

Protecting capital is not straightforward. Interest rate, inflation, market risks and taxation need to be assessed and planned for. A good plan will include short, medium and longer term considerations to balance risk and reward with your overall goals.

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I want my money to work hard

You have worked hard for your money, so it needs to work hard for you. This means more than just achieving the maximum return. It means an appropriate asset allocation strategy, performance and risk monitoring along with managing tax liabilities.

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I want to look after my family

Ensuring that family are well looked after both now and in the future is a recurring theme. Many will want to consider ways to help their loved ones throughout and beyond their own lives.

The rules of estate planning are complex and there are many ways of protecting family members. A long-term financial plan can help to identify opportunities of passing on wealth efficiently.

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I don’t want the stress

A financial plan will help to eliminate the stress of uncertainty. Careful creation of a plan, which is regularly tested, will ensure peace of mind.

Additionally, a financial adviser will deal with the administration of your financial affairs allowing you to focus on your business or indeed enjoy your day to day life hassle-free.

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